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There are many methods to accomplish qa and I'm too lazy to document them all so I'll tell you one way. Linux.

Step 1) Install OtherOS++, install linux, make sure to enable the ps3 modules when compiling the kernel.

Step 2) Download, and compile the ps3dm utils

Step 3) Download my tokenator

Step 4) Dump your eid by running ./ps3dm_iim /dev/ps3dmproxy get_data 0x0>dump

Step 5) Set your flag by running ./ps3dm_um /dev/ps3dmproxy write_eprom 0x48C0A 0x00

Step 6) Open your dump in a hex editor and type in the first 16 bytes into tokenator

Step 7) Run the script it spits out

PS3 Step 8) Restart your ps3. Go to the Network Settings options and press L1 + L2 + L3 + R1 + R2 + D-Pad Down

Have fun. It doesn't work on rebug yet. There are other flags to set for debug firmwares and rebug is pseudo debug.

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Thanks Slynk, you're the man! I'm following you from the first post in the forum.. Thanks for the sharing and the work!

Nice slynk, you where (cough cough ARE), the major player in this...

The lazyness part made me smile - every right to be lazy, after all, you've taken quite a dedicate and fruitful approach to the scene, and you deserve praise.
This discovery is interesting, although more than piracy or anything I wish it could be used to restore full access to original discs whilst keeping intact the possibility to install Showtime and other homebrews.

And I'm serious. Why should one bother with piracy when games can be bought for $20/€18 a pop? It's illogical.

Is there any way to unlock QA mode in 6.60 firmware?

Nice man! Congrats!
Now, I just had an idea, seeing as you will no doubt see a bit of traffic here and in various threads, and I'm guessing you won't want donations because they can cause legal problems, could you make a post redirecting to grafs site and suggest people donate there? I mean this wouldn't be possible without his tools, and he needs it atm, so yeah, just an idea.

Again, congrats! I hadn't heard progress updates in quite a while, so I was starting to doubt that it would get finished, but this is nice man!

Can someone put a more explicite tutorial or put a tutorial on youtube?

Good job, yet there is a small problem through... it only works in 3.55 T_T It didn't opened anything new in PS3, as this requires us to use linux. For people with 3.56+ this isn't any achievement, because we can't run linux on these machines. We would have to find a way to inject this QA token into SYSCON EEPROM(Dump it via hardware, decrypt, modify QA token at 0x48C0A, encrypt again, flash it back?)

Nice JOB ..
So Sony Know now how close the QA Flag

Hmm i read, that the QA is only available until 3.60 ...
Now can i Downgrade 3.6 back ??
How can i dump the Codes xd
There must be a way to dump these codes -.-'

Thank you Slynk. I've been following the forum thread since the beginning but I didn't have anything helpful to add so I never posted. Again, Thanks, I appreciate it.

Hi, i have a question regarding ps3dmutils... How do I compile them? Do i have to do it in my ps3? What tools do i need? better yet, could you provide a precompiled ps3dmutils binary for us? Thx and congrats on the progress you made so far ;)

Can i use a Live System of Linux like ?

There you are pal. Right on top of it. I knew you would pioneer us into the golden age :) Thanks again buddy.

Just Wanna Say Thanks !
I really Hope Great things come from this Famous QA flag...

I'm calmly watching and keeping myself updated with news about the scene as i'm enjoying Games on Kmeaw 3.55 ^^ without thinking about PSN... since i don't think CFW and PSN should paired !!!

any way to do it on 3.61 ofw if not then make one..i know that is hart to do but then sony will cry because with that method we will be able to unloce there secret menu and have access to all things that sony uses when services a ps3 system heh

DAAAHH..../dev/ps3dmproxy Not such file or directory....

what's wrong?im very close to it

I downloaded precompiled ps3dm_utils put them in /bin and there we go doesnt work...please someone!

A big thanks to the most involved developer... Knowledge is power. Well Done slynk

nice tut thanks from germany :)

Good work, Slynk! Too bad I can't install Linux because i don't have it.

@anon, i had the same problem, run modprobe ps3dmproxy

could someone please compile ps3dm for those of us who are too noob to know how

when i write flag i get" ss retval 0" - is it ok

And when i put the script from SLynk's tokenator is gives me like a screen with instruction how to use ps3dm_um

You have to use glevand's utils, NOT graf's. Only glevand's tools have the "set_token" function. If you run the script with graf's tools, you'll get the help screen of course because the function doesn't exist XD

Thansk a lot what about the:

when i write flag i get" ss retval 0" - is it ok

And what is the easiest way to copy from Tokenator and paste it to bash and than complete it thru SSH

Yes. If it wasn't, then your token just wouldn't be checked. But a return value of 0 should mean "no errors".

is it possible to do all that steps thru the Red Ribbon GNU/Linux RC2

So we dont need to install linux on harddrive e.t.c e.t.c all that we just begin from step 3 and do it

how are you supposed to run otheros on 3.55 without rebug

When i set the token i get "SS retval 6"

so i guess it error((

RED Ribbon RC2 works great!


Slynk are any possibility that qa flag will release on cfw 3.61/3.66? If yes, we'll have to wait so long before it is released?

Greetings, Slynk.

I was just wondering if the QA Flag that is 'currently' public.. fully functional.

Whether it's the advanced one or whatnot.

Best Regards.

Slynk mate i dont know who you are, but i wish i could grab you a beer. Wish the best. You the hope for the Ps3 hacking scene

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